Komori Lithrone GL 540 LX Komori Lithrone GL 540 LX

SALE! Komori Lithrone GL 540 LX

PQC-S Console, Skeleton Transfer cilinders, KHS-AL Pre inking System,PDCS photo spectral and density, Preset, Ultrasonic Double sheet control, Electromechanical Stream Controls, FAPC Fully automatic plate change, Komorimatic, Coating unit Chambered Ductor System Harris& Bruno, Automatic ink roller washing device, Automatic impression Cilinder washing deviceK-station software, Automatic Blanket Washing device,Technotrans Beta C. Combi ink Temperature control, Ir dryer, Extended delivery

Year: 2011
Impressions: approx. 201.000.000
Ref. no.: 3316

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