SALE! Powis Parker Fastback 15xs

Strip binding, perfect binding, hard cover binding, binds 10 to 350 sheets in 15-35 seconds.

  • Ref. no.: 2799
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SALE! Unibind ST 1025

Can bind up to 50 doucment at once, binds up to 340 pages, user-friendly with self-indicating drawers, fully automatic, size: 1070x1100x490mm, 10 bind..

  • Ref. no.: 2956
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Muller Martini Amigo

4 Clamps, hotmelt spine and side glue cover feeder, automatic with greaser, heat extraction, electronic control-two-line dispay combined milling stati..

  • Year: 2001
  • Ref. no.: 2979
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Horizon BQ-270

Perfect binder: single clamp, automatic thickness caliper, milling and roughening station, hot melt gluing unit with dust extractor, LCD touch screen,..

  • Ref. no.: 3008
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Bizzozero 108 B

Standard machine

  • Ref. no.: 3027
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Unibind ST 1025   Unibind ST 1025
€ 999 € 750
  • Ref. no.: 2956

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Grafiteam verder onder gld print & media - 20 jul

Gld print & media in Arnhem heeft Grafiteam uit Veenendaal overgenomen. De overname door Gld volgt op een jarenlange samenwerking tussen beide ondernemingen. Uit het bericht: Deze overname past in de strategie van de beide...