Man Roland R 504 0B PLV 4/0-2/2

Premium speed: 18.000 sh/hr. Roland Deltamatic dampening with Technotrans combi cooling unit for ink and water + Combicontrol PPL power plate loading..

  • Year: 2007
  • Impressions: approx. 192.000.000
  • Ref. no.: 2777
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Heidelberg SM 74-4-P-H

Alcolor, Technotrans circulation and cooling, CP2000 center, Axis control, all washing devices, double sheet control, Weko AP 232 powder spray, anti-s..

  • Year: 2006
  • Impressions: approx. 110.000.000
  • Ref. no.: 2993
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Komori GL-437 H-HUV-L

Size: 640x940mm; speed: 15.000 sh/hr., Full APC, Komorimatic with Technotrans Beta c. Alcosmart + Beta f., PDC-SX, PQC-S Light, KHS-AI, all washing de..

  • Year: 2016
  • Impressions: approx. 19.000.000
  • Ref. no.: 3007
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Heidelberg SX 74-4-H

Axis control, fully Autoplate Pro, Alcolor Vario, transfer cylinder with variable diameter, LE-UV system, UV dampening and ink rollers, all washing de..

  • Year: 2014
  • Impressions: approx. 25.000.000
  • Ref. no.: 3028
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Powis Parker Fastback 15xs   Powis Parker Fastback 15xs
€ 900 € 750
  • Ref. no.: 2799

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Grafiteam verder onder gld print & media - 20 jul

Gld print & media in Arnhem heeft Grafiteam uit Veenendaal overgenomen. De overname door Gld volgt op een jarenlange samenwerking tussen beide ondernemingen. Uit het bericht: Deze overname past in de strategie van de beide...